To install MLC, first we will install the prebuild MLC-LLM package:

# conda/mamba env
mamba create -n mlc python=3.11
mamba activate mlc

# Install the version you want
python3 -m pip install --pre -U -f mlc-chat-nightly-cu122 mlc-ai-nightly-cu122

# We'll want this
conda install -c conda-forge libgcc-ng

# Verify
python -c "import mlc_chat; print(mlc_chat)"
# Prints out: <module 'mlc_chat' from '/path-to-env/lib/python3.11/site-packages/mlc_chat/'>

# Verify
mlc_chat --help

We’ll also want to install TVM Unity to be able to build new models:

# Install the version you want
python3 -m pip install --pre -U -f mlc-ai-nightly-cu122

# Locate TVM package
python -c "import tvm; print(tvm.__file__)"

# Confirm which TVM library is used
python -c "import tvm; print(tvm._ffi.base._LIB)"
<CDLL '/some-path/lib/python3.11/site-packages/tvm/libtvm.dylib', handle 95ada510 at 0x1030e4e50>

# Reflect TVM build option
python -c "import tvm; print('\n'.join(f'{k}: {v}' for k, v in"

Make an MLC model

This is a two ste process:

mkdir -p dist/libs

# Convert model (quantize as well) - need to d/l path
mlc_chat convert_weight /models/shisa-7b-v1 -o dist/shisa-7b-v1-q4f16_1 --quantization q4f16_1

# gen_config: generate mlc-chat-config.json and process tokenizers
# Note you need to pick one of their prebuilt of a "custom" conv-template
# doesn't seem to support chat_template?
mlc_chat gen_config /models/shisa-7b-v1 -o dist/shisa-7b-v1-q4f16_1 --quantization q4f16_1 --conv-template llama-2

# 2. compile: compile model library with specification in mlc-chat-config.json
mlc_chat compile  dist/shisa-7b-v1-q4f16_1/mlc-chat-config.json --device cuda -o dist/libs/

Run Model

In Python

from mlc_chat import ChatModule
cm = ChatModule(model="dist/shisa-7b-v1-q4f16_1", model_lib_path="dist/libs/")

Note, if you run without the library path, it will not JIT compile the module!:

cm = ChatModule(model="dist/shisa-7b-v1-q4f16_1")

Or you can run with mlc_chat

mlc_chat chat dist/shisa-7b-v1-q4f16_1 --model-lib-path dist/libs/


MLC’s benchmarking is a bit unfortunate. It doesn’t support specifying a length for the prefill/prompt generation and for generation length separately…

mlc_chat bench dist/shisa-7b-v1-q4f16_1 --model-lib-path dist/libs/ --prompt "Hello" --generate-length 3968