Welcome to llm-tracker.info. This site aims keep notes focused around Large Language Models and Generative AI.

This section is temporary (we’ll make custom Quartz components for recently updated, new, and popular content soon), but for now a few places to start:

  • Getting Started - a good starting point if you’re new to the world of LLMs
  • StyleTTS 2 Setup Guide - this seems to show it in searches
  • AMD GPUs - an up-to-date guide on getting ROCm set up for inferencing and updated performance tests
  • Qwen Fine Tune - a guide on Qwen fine-tuning, trying out a number of training scripts.



We’ve just flipped the switch to move from BookStack to Quartz for publishing. While there’s some ongoing construction, all the old content should be redirected/ported over to the new version.