Welcome to llm-tracker.info. This is a personal site I started to keep my notes focused around Large Language Models and Generative AI.

While I’ve been steadily adding/updating a lot of these docs, they are mostly working notes and are not particularly well organized. There’s also other similar notebooks/guides. Check out:

In 2024 a lot more of my time has gone into training Japanese AI models and in a co-founding a Japanese AI startup, Shisa.AI.

Eventually I plan to make a custom Quartz component for recently updated, new, and popular content, but for now a few places to start:

  • Getting Started - a good starting point if you’re new to the world of LLMs
  • StyleTTS 2 Setup Guide - this seems to show it in searches
  • AMD GPUs - an up-to-date guide on getting ROCm set up for inferencing and updated performance tests
  • Qwen Fine Tune - a guide on Qwen fine-tuning, trying out a number of training scripts.