Getting Started

Large Language Models (LLM) are a type of generative AI that power chatbot systems like ChatGPT.

You can try many of these for free if you've never tried one (although most of this site is aimed at those with more familiarity with these types of systems).

All of these have free access, although many may require user registration, and remember, all data is being sent online to third parties so don't say anything you'd want to keep very private:

You can also run LLMs locally on most modern computers (although larger models require strong GPUs).

The easiest (virtually one-click, no command line futzing) way to test out some models is with LM Studio (Windows, Mac). Other alternatives include:

If you are more technical:

Most of the guides in this HOWTO section will assume:

Global Recommendations:

Install Mambaforge and create a new conda environment anytime you are installing a package which have many dependencies. eg, create a separate `exllama` and `autogptq` or `lm-eval` environment.

Other Resources

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